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When the Fostoria Glass Company built their Niles plant in 1910, many skilled glass workers moved to Niles. Some lived and took their meals at the Niles Fostoria House. PO1.426

Arrow indicates the location of the

Arrow indicates the location of the
McGurk Hotel on this 1918 map.

Fostoria House.
McGurk family information supplied by Brian McGuirk.
The book, A Pictorial History of the Buildings of Niles, Ohio available through the Niles Historical Society, identified the location of the Fostoria House as the old Stiver Chevrolet dealership on North Main Street (see page 28 in the book). Thanks to Brian McGuirk, the correct location has been established on Mahoning Avenue next to the old Erie Railroad Depot.



Postcard of the Erie Railroad station with the Fostoria House in the background.

Postcard of the Erie Railroad station with the Fostoria House in the background. PO1.1459

The station was built in 1913 due in a large part to the efforts of Harry Stevens.

“My paternal grandfather, James McGurk, built and managed the McGurk Hotel located at 62 Railroad Street (Depot Street, now Mahoning Avenue).

The McGurk Hotel and Saloon was built and managed by my paternal great grandmother, Mary O’Neill McGuirk, in 1894 and later by my grandfather, James McGurk. Mary was the widow of Frank McGurk, Irish immigrants, who had died in 1885 from injuries resulting from mining gold and silver in Colorado.

In 1908 Niles voted to go dry so they rented out the building until the 1930’s. My father, Francis, was born at the hotel in 1900”.

Brian McGuirk stated, “I have a double connection to the Fostoria House picture as my maternal grandfather, Peter Stein, was a glass blower from Fostoria who moved his family to Niles in 1910 and would have known all those pictured on the porch of the McGurk Hotel/Fostoria House”.

Comments by McGuirk family to page in the book

Handwritten comments by the McGuirk family in the book to page in the book
A Pictorial History of the Buildings of Niles Ohio

“In August 1910, this building was rented by Mrs. R. Simpson of Fostoria, Ohio and opened as a first-class restaurant and boarding house. In a few weeks this will be the headquarters for the glass blowers and the hotel will be known as the Fostoria House.

The new proprietor will furnish the entire house in preparation for the occupancy of the glass workers and have everything in readiness for their arrival. The hotel features 20 rooms with steam heat and a restaurant.

Mrs. Simpson has had considerable experience in the restaurant and hotel business and thinks that the McGurk Hotel is an ideal place for business.” Niles Daily News August 10, 1910.

Newspaper clippings featuring the Fostoria House.

.Niles Daily News clipping from September 1, 1909 that mentions the Fostoria House.





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