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The white brick residence known as ‘The Mango Home’, was built in 1903 and took four years to build.

Mango House as it appeared in 1940.

The white brick residence known as ‘The Mango Home’, was built in 1903 and took four years to build. Vincent (Vincenza) and Rose (Rosario) Belitto Mango were the original builders and owners. According to the Census of 1910, Vincent Mango, was one of the the first Italian immigrants in the Mahoning Valley, coming here in 1879.

Vincent had wanted to build on the lot on Robbins Avenue where the Presbyterian Church is now located, but his Italian heritage prevented the sale. He then bought three lots down from the church near the alley on Ambrose Street. Vincent gave one of the lots across the street to Rose’s sister, who was married to Fredericka Marsico. They had four children, three girls and one boy. One of the children, Mary, had been born in Italy and later lived upstairs with Vincent and Rose in the Mango home.

Vincent Mango was a contractor in charge of the construction of Milton Dam and many brick roads in Niles. He also directed the construction of several buildings in Niles including the Mango Building in 1894 on the southeast corner of Park Avenue and State Street which was bought by Isaac Shaker in 1907.

In 1906,Vincent offered the top two floors of the building as a meeting place for the Italians who wanted to form their own Catholic Church and later donated the bell to Mount Carmel Church.

Follow this link to see the Mango Building and Shaker’s Store:

Sam Mango and daughter, Betty.

Sam Mango and daughter, Betty.

Their only son, Sam Mango, was born April 5, 1890 in Niles. Sam graduated from Niles High School, attended Ohio Northern and practiced law.

He was appointed city solicitor by former Mayor E.C. Ferguson in 1944 and also served two terms under former Mayor Elmer E. Fisher.

Sam married Alice Osborne and they had one adopted daughter, Betty. After Sam died in May 1948, Alice fell upon hard times and had the home converted into three rental apartments in the early 1950s.

Alice died in 1968 and a Bill and Ethel Yuckel bought the house in 1972 and it was sold to the present owners, Harry and Philomena Serena, in 1994. It has been returned to its original one family design today.
Information provided by: Harry Serena.

Alice Osborne

Alice Osborne

Dining room wall sconce.

Dining room wall sconce.

The residence has three finished floors located on a large lot with a detached garage.

A large entry way allows access to all the first floor rooms and the second floor staiway.

An enclosed all-season sunroom is entered through the living room which has the original fireplace.


View of dining room.

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