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Russia Field Baseball Champs
– Gloria M. Theodore (wife of Teddy Theodore)
Many here in Niles may recall various experiences with the Russia Field Market and its owner, Phillip Theodore. The market was located at 750 Belmont Avenue, in Niles, at the corner of Belmont Avenue and Olive Street in the 1930’s.

Students and younger children may remember how Mr. Phillip Theodore, known as “Phillip the Butcher,” would slip them an extra piece of candy or two along with the candy they purchased for 1 or 2 cents.

Mr. Theodore also “carried” quite a few families in the Russia Field area during some of the Depression Era in the 1930’s by letting people build up charges for food and supplies–many of whom never paid off their bill.

Among the (Russia Field) memories would be the days that relatives, neighbors, and friends looked forward to the few yearly lamb roasts when all could gather for that special summer picnic fun day.

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Russia Field Market, 750 Belmont Avenue.

Russia Field Market, 750 Belmont Avenue.

The Theodore family resided at their three bedroom ranch home at 740 Belmont Avenue next door to the market. On the other side of their home property was the Monroe School Building.

The family consisted of: Phillip, the market owner; his wife, Zoe “Zita” Zafirou; and their two sons, Theodore “Teddy” Phillip Theodore, and his four-year younger brother, Constantine “Gus” Theodore.

Russia Field Market, 750 Belmont Avenue.

1951 Summer League Baseball Champs

1951 Summer League Baseball Champs

Mr. Theodore also sponsored a summer league baseball team which at one point experienced and enjoyed the glory of being the Champs in 1951.

Most of the team members were from that same neighborhood, and according to one of the team members I recently spoke with, they became the “Talk of the Town” with their special red team jackets and their victory.

Mr. Theodore’s ownership of the Russia Field Market ended when he sold it in the early 1960’s to the Cikosh brothers.

Phillip Theodore and his two sons; Teddy and younger Constantine.

Phillip Theodore and his two sons; Teddy and younger Constantine.

Team jacket for the Russia Field Market,

Team jacket for the Russia Field Market,
1951 Champions.

Close-up of jacket emblem.

Close-up of jacket emblem.

Player's tee shirt from Russia Field Market

Player's tee shirt from Russia Field Market

Facebook comments about the Russia Market team photograph:
Brian McGuirk
“Last person in second row is Monte Bond. He played football, basketball and baseball for Niles McKinley and was drafted by Cleveland Indians class B farm league in 1957.”

Diane Cikosh Cross
“My dad was raised on Carle Street and worked at Russia Field Market as a kid, then bought it along with his brother Mike in 1963. I don’t remember it ever having the awning. It’s now Niles Table and Chair! Lots of memories.”

Ace Medovich
“Don’t forget Freddie’s Market on Olive Street, AKA Medovich Dairy, Tassone Dairy, right next door to Russia Field Market.”

Karen Johnson Fisher
“I lived at 740 Belmont. I knew the Market as Bimbos.”

Diane Cikosh Cross
“Bimbo is my Uncle Mike Cikusa, my dad’s brother.”

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