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Granite Alley between Lincoln and Washington Avenues. Pete's Dairy was on the right side of the alley and Pearl Street.

Alleys—A Relic from the Past.

When homes were built in the late 1880s, the horses and carriage houses were located at a distance from the main house. Most of the first homes were built on small lots near the downtown area and alleyways provided access from the carriage houses to the main streets. Alleyways later offered access to your garbage cans for pickup. Even after homes were built on larger lots as the neighborhoods expanded with garages for cars, the alleyways remained.

Many homeowners would utilize part of their backyards for a garden and using a ‘Burn Barrel’ used to reduce the trash with the ashes being scattered in the backyard gardens. Alleys also provided quick access to your friend’s homes when traveling on a bicycle and a path to walk to your neighbor’s backyard to visit, even though you did not live on the same street.

Alleyways in the northern triangle made by Vienna Avenue and Robbins Avenue.

Between Crandon and Hartzell — Hartzell Alley
Between Bentley and Lincoln — Granite Alley
Between Lincoln and Washington — Coral Alley
Between Washington and Lafayette — Keystone Alley
Between Lafayette and Cherry — King Alley
Between Cherry and Cedar — Long Alley
Between Cedar and Morse — Coal Alley
Between Morse and Beaver — Vine Alley
Between Beaver and Short — Short Alley
Between Seneca and Robbins — Wadeley Alley
Between Leslie and Vienna Avenue — Roy Alley
Between Harris and Robbins — Buckeye Alley

Between Gilbert and South Bentley — Oak Alley

Harry Stevens Alley —

The second section of Niles Alleys is the area south of Robbins bordered by Mosquito Creek and the Mahoning River.

Between Robbins and South — Phillips Alley
Between Gilbert and Robbins — Oak Alley
Between Fulton and Erie — Jackson Alley
Between Fulton and Wood — Drake Alley
Between Jackson Alley and Drake Alley — Keeling Alley
Off Jackson Alley toward Mason — Birch Alley
Off Allison Toward Mason — Charter Alley

The third section is the South Side.

Between First and Third — Diamond Alley
Between First and Third — Cumby Alley
Between Francis and Cumby Alley — Maple Alley

Between West State and West Park — Franklin AlleyThe fourth area covers the downtown area from the Mahoning River to the Conrail tracks.




Franklin Alley PO1.178

Between W. Park and Robbins — Pine Alley
Between West State and West Park — Franklin Alley

The fifth and last section was the triangle made by the the Conrail tracks to Vienna Avenue, George, and Wilson Avenues.

Between Vienna and West — Cherry Alley
Off East Federal — Plum Alley
Off West Street between Bond and Federal — Peach Alley
Off West Street between Bond and Evans — Union Alley
Off West Street between Blaine and Evans — North Alley

Information collected by: Rebecca Archer DePanicis


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