The Bridges of Niles Ohio

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With over 400 photographs and 200 pages, the new book-A Pictorial History of the Buildings of Niles Ohio offers a pictorial history of Niles from 1895 through the present day.

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Niles became an industrial location beginning with James Heaton's "Maria Furnace" in the early 1800s to the many steel mills, glass factories, firebrick plants built in the late 1800s to early 1900s in a large part due to the abundance of water. The Mahoning River, Mosquito Creek and Meander Stream all provided water for these mills and provided a path for the construction of railroads to move goods between cities.

The included photographs illustrate the bridges and viaducts that provided the citizens of Niles transportation and access over these same waterways.

The Viaduct
Old Iron Bridge

Fifth Avenue Bridge
A.K.A. Wooden Humpback

Niles-McDonald Bridge

Federal Street Bridge

Federal Street Bridge

South Main Street Bridge

Other Assorted Bridges



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1913 Flood pictures





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