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Josiah Robbins arrived in Niles in 1826 from Youngstown. PO1.1108

Josiah Robbins

From the early pioneer Josiah Robbins have descended a number of persons living in Niles and this vicinity.

Josiah Robbins, Sr., was born August 21, 1802. He married the first Maria Heaton, daughter of James Heaton, founder of the city of Niles. She was the first white child born in Niles.

Of this marriage there were four sons, James, Josiah, Jesse, and Francis. After the death of his first wife, Maria Heaton Robbins, the father married, in 1836, Electra Mason, daughter of Judge Ambrose Mason. and joined his father-in-law in the prosperous mercantile business
They were the parents of three children, Ambrose, Maria, and Charles.

In 1827, Josiah Robbins, Sr., settled on the Heaton homestead, formerly occupied by William B. Mason and now owned by his heirs. For 10 or 12 years he was engaged in the furniture business with his brother-in-law, Warren Heaton, a son of James Heaton, Sr.

In 1830, Josiah took over management of the Maria furnace with brother in law Warren Heaton. Warren died in 1842 and the furnace was leased to McKinley, Reep & Demsey.

In 1843 Josiah was elected to the state legislature for one term where he took an active part in the cause of temperance and was a strong and influential anti-slavery man.

Frequently, his home was visited by that able and stalwart abolitionist, Joshua R. Giddings, and it furnished a refuge for fugitives from slavery.

For many years, this pioneer was engaged in the lumber trade and farming. He owned four or five hundred acres upon which the greater part of Niles is located.


James Heaton

James Heaton

Early Heaton Family Tree

Early Heaton Family Tree

H.H. Mason succeeded his father, Ambrose Mason, as postmaster. Josiah Robbins became postmaster in 1862.

H.H. Mason

H.H. Mason

Mrs. Hiram Ohl

Robbins was post-master for 11 years, holding that position at the time of his death which occurred December 11, 1873.

Of his generation he has one niece living, Mrs. Hiram Ohl, aged 96 years and eight months(1934).

He has the following grandchildren now living: Mrs. Lilly Robbins Morris, Josephine Robbins, Mrs. Grace R.I. Hartshorn, Mrs. Sophia R. Ritchey, Mrs. Josephine R. Davis, and William Robbins, all of Youngstown; Mrs. Harriett Urquhart, Akron; Leon and Lawrence Robbins, Cleveland; and George and James Robbins, Niles.

Josiah Robbins older brother, Noble Teighman Robbins, built a home and settled on the banks of the Mahoning River east of Niles. The house is now used as an office for the Stanley Works.

He married Adeline DeWolf, daughter of Joseph and Sarah DeWolf of Vernon, Ohio. They were the parents of the following children: Benjamin Bertley, Teighman, Joseph and Josiah, twins.

In 1852, Bertley and Teighman bought the farm from their father and operated it in partnership until about 1870 at which time the farm was divided; Teighman taking the upper half and Bertley the lower part of the river.

Bertley married Eliza Carle in 1852 and there were born seven children. They were George Baldwin, Noble Teighman, Frank Carle, Benjamin who died in infancy, Henry Josiah, Margaret Newport, and Olive Adeline.

Living descendents(as of 1934) are Noble T. Robbins, Mrs. A. F. Swaney, Mrs. Elizabeth Burlingham, Frank Robbins, Chicago, Mrs. Roy Hull, Chicago, Carle B. Robbins, Cleveland, Mrs. Raymond Gehr, Cleveland, John Robbins, Cleveland, Ted Robbins, Caughdenny, N.Y., and Margaret Stitt DeWolf, Philadelphia.

Teighman Robbins married Olive Pew. Their living descendents include Adeline Robbins Thomas, Niles; Thomas P. Robbins, Cleveland; and Horace S. Robbins, Cleveland.




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