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Bert Street School was renamed Monroe School in 1920.

Pictured is the building which opened in 1905 and was attended by children living in the "Russia Field" district. PO1.1216

It was renamed Monroe School in 1920 and it stood facing South Belmont Ave.

Bert Street School.

In 1905 Bert Street School was built by Adam Fischer who also built several schools in Niles. It had only four classes, grades 1-4 and was attended by children living in the “Russia Field” district. It stood facing South Belmont Avenue near the Olive Street intersection. The school was razed in the 1960s and the students transferred to Jefferson School on South Bentley Avenue. The area was named “Russia Field” after the local steel mill that used the Russian process to produce polished steel.

As was customary, Bert School was named after the street upon which it was built. Bert Street later became Belmont Avenue after the street was expanded. The street name “Bert” was named after the son of the Robbins family. They practically owned all of the land from the Mahoning River and acres around it. It seems that when they started to make roads in that land, they named the streets after their children, other streets were named “Ann”, “Carle” and “Clay”.

The Bert Street School in 1896-97 was a one-room schoolhouse. In 1905 a new brick school house was built relacing the old one-room wooden structure. The school was razed in the 1960's and the pupils transferred to Jefferson School on South Bentley Avenue, which in turn was razed and the children sent to Washington School on Hartzell Avenue.

Bert Street School modernized with fire escapes. .PO1.1217

Belmont Avenue looking south from the railroad crossing. The bridge across the Mahoning river is in the distance and Bert Street School is on the right. During the 1930's, there was a WPA project to improve the streets. PO1.1684

Postcard of Bert Street School.

Group of children and teacher posing for a photograph near the front of Monroe School.

Photo taken in the 1948-49 school year with Marie Hofius as teacher.

Some of the students in the picture are:
Carl Jones, Dora Cogan, Janet Jerina, Carol Yuhasz, Alex Szekely. Irene Szekely, Edward Ryznen, and Alta Holbrook.

Location of Bert Street School as indicated in the 1909 Sandborn Fire map.

It is between Pew, Spring, Olive and Bert Streets facing Bert Street.

Bert Street would become Belmont Avenue when it was extended.

Bert Street School would be renamed Madison School in 1920 when all the Niles City Schools were named after Presidents of the United States of America.

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