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View the main house, garage,

Visit the main house, garage,
gazebo and greenhouse.

View the extensive garden areas, walkways,and main grounds.

Visit the extensive garden areas, walkways,and main grounds.

Visit the interior of the barn.

Below is a comprehensive listing of the types of trees that can be seen on the grounds of the museum.


Coniferous Trees

Douglas Fir
Japanese Yew
Northen White
Cedar White Fir
Atlantic White-Cedar
White Pine
Eastern Hemlock
Balsam Fir
Eastern Red-Cedar
Blue Spruce
Austrian (black) Pine
Red Pine,
Norway Spruce
Eastern Larch
Western Red Cedar
Incense Cedar

Deciduous Trees

Kousa Dogwood
Japanese Maple
Black Walnut
Chinese Chestnut
Pin Oak
Red Oak
White Oak
Pink Dogwood
Sugar Maple
Red Maple
Silver Maple
Black Cherry
American Elm
American Beech
White Ash
Norway Maple

Deciduous Trees

European Beech
Sweet Cherry
Asiatic Elm
Pear Tree
Yellow Buckeye
Flowering Dogwood
Sunset Maple
Ailanthus (Tree of Heaven)
Red Mulberry
Big tooth Aspen
Quaking Aspen
Golden Chain Tree
Frontier Elm
Epaulet Tree
Carolina Silver Bell
Donald Wyman
Flowering Crab

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